Ombudsman For Children Act, 2002

Chapter 4

Complaints against public bodies, schools and voluntary hospitals

Function to examine and investigate complaints against public bodies.

8.—Subject to this Act, the Ombudsman for Children may investigate any action taken (being an action taken in the performance of administrative functions) by or on behalf of a public body where, upon having carried out a preliminary examination of the matter, it appears to the Ombudsman for Children that—

(a) the action has or may have adversely affected a child, and

(b) the action was or may have been—

(i) taken without proper authority,

(ii) taken on irrelevant grounds,

(iii) the result of negligence or carelessness,

(iv) based on erroneous or incomplete information,

(v) improperly discriminatory,

(vi) based on an undesirable administrative practice, or

(vii) otherwise contrary to fair or sound administration.