Ombudsman For Children Act, 2002

Amendment of section 5 of Act of 1980.

12.—(1) Section 5(1) of the Act of 1980 is amended by—

(a) the deletion of “or” after paragraph (f),

(b) the substitution in paragraph (g) of “this Act, or” for “this Act;”, and

(c) the insertion of the following paragraph after paragraph (g):

“(gg) if the action is one to which section 8 of the Ombudsman for Children Act, 2002, applies, being an action that could otherwise be investigated by the Ombudsman under this Act;”.

(2) Notwithstanding the amendment effected by subsection (1), anything commenced but not completed by the Ombudsman under the Act of 1980 before the commencement of this section may be carried on and completed by the Ombudsman after such commencement as if this section had not been enacted.