Solicitors (Amendment) Act, 2002

Amendment of section 66 of Principal Act.

3.—The Principal Act is hereby amended in section 66 (as substituted by section 76 of the Act of 1994) by the substitution of the following for subsection (11):

“(11) An authorised person who attends pursuant to subsection (10) of this section at a place of business of a solicitor shall inform the solicitor or any clerk or servant of the solicitor of the purpose of the attendance as specified in that subsection, except where the Society reasonably consider that to do so could prejudice the exercise of any of the Society's functions as so specified, and may in pursuance of that purpose require the solicitor or any such clerk or servant to do one or more than one of the following:

(a) to make available for inspection all or any part of the solicitor's accounting records;

(b) to furnish such copies of those records as the authorised person deems necessary to fulfil the said purpose;

(c) to give such written authority addressed to such bank or banks as the authorised person requires to enable the authorised person to inspect any account or accounts opened, or caused to be opened, by the solicitor at such bank or banks (or any documents relating thereto) and to obtain from such bank or banks copies of such documents relating to such account or accounts for such period or periods as the authorised person deems necessary to fulfil the said purpose.”.