Gas (Interim) (Regulation) Act, 2002

Gas capacity statement.

19.—(1) The Commission shall, as soon as may be after the appointed day, but not later than 6 months thereafter, and as soon as may be after each anniversary of the appointed day, but not later than 3 months thereafter, prepare and publish, including publication by electronic means, a statement (a “gas capacity statement”) of forecasts for the following period of 7 years following its publication in respect of capacity, forecast flows and customer demand on each part of the natural gas system together with such other information as the Commission may deem appropriate for the purposes of this subsection.

(2) A gas capacity statement shall be based on information supplied on request to the Commission by natural gas undertakings and it shall be a duty of a natural gas undertaking to supply any information, whether oral or written, that the Commission might reasonably require for the preparation of a gas capacity statement to the extent and within the timescale requested by the Commission.

(3) The Commission may revise from time to time the information set out in and alter the form of each gas capacity statement.

(4) The Commission may omit from a published gas capacity statement the details of any confidential information of the type mentioned in section 13 of the Act of 1999.