Gas (Interim) (Regulation) Act, 2002

Code of operations.

13.—(1) Subject to subsection (3) and to section 16 (4), within such time and following such consultation as the Commission may direct, the holder of a natural gas licence shall publish, including publication by electronic means, subject to the approval of the Commission, a code (“code of operations”) in respect of all technical design, operational and other requirements relating to connection to and operation of the facilities in respect of which the holder has been granted the licence.

(2) A code of operations shall be objective and non-discriminatory and shall, as far as technically possible, ensure the interoperability of systems.

(3) The Commission may from time to time give directions to the holder of a natural gas licence in respect of—

(a) the matters to be specified in its code of operations, and

(b) the review and revision by the holder from time to time of its code of operations.

(4) The holder of a natural gas licence shall comply with directions given to it by the Commission under subsection (3).