State Authorities (Public Private Partnership Arrangements) Act, 2002

Functions of partner and State authority.

4.—(1) For so long as it continues in force, a public private partnership arrangement shall operate to confer on the partner concerned the functions of the State authority specified in the arrangement, subject to any terms and conditions so specified.

(2) A function conferred on a partner by a public private partnership arrangement—

(a) may be performed by the partner in the partner's own name, subject to the general superintendence and control of the State authority concerned, and

(b) shall, notwithstanding such arrangement, continue to be vested in the State authority concerned concurrently with the partner and may be performed by either or both of them.

(3) The conferral of a function of a Minister of the Government on a partner by a public private partnership arrangement shall not affect the Minister's responsibility to Dáil Éireann or as a member of the Government for the performance of the function.

(4) In this section “functions”, in relation to a State authority, includes functions of any other State authority to be performed by it pursuant to an agreement or arrangement duly made by it with that other authority.