Teaching Council Act, 2001



The register.

29.—(1) The Council shall, as soon as practicable after the establishment day, establish and maintain in such form and manner as the Council may determine a register which shall be known as the Register of Teachers.

(2) The register may be prepared, established and maintained otherwise than in a legible form subject to its being capable of being converted into a legible form and being used to make a legible copy or reproduction of any entry in the register.

(3) The Council may prescribe the information to be entered in the register and the form and manner in which such information shall be entered and maintained, which information shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following:

(a) in respect of each person entitled to be registered:

(i) name and address for correspondence;

(ii) date of birth;

(iii) qualifications;

(iv) whether the registration is subject to conditions under section 31 ;

(v) registration number;

(vi) date of registration;

(vii) name and address of employer;

(viii) current employment details including posts of responsibility held;

(ix) the voting category as prescribed under section 10 ;

(x) the findings of any disciplinary proceedings under Part 5 and the period for which such information shall remain on the register;

(b) such other information as the Council, from time to time, considers appropriate.

(4) The Council shall publish the register in such form and manner as it considers appropriate.

(5) Every document purporting to be a copy of or extract from an entry in the register and purporting to be certified by the Director to be a true copy of or extract from such entry shall, without proof of the signature of the Director, be received in evidence in any legal proceedings and shall, until the contrary is shown, be deemed to be a true copy of or extract from such entry and shall be evidence of the terms of such entry.

(6) The register shall be kept at the offices of the Council and subject to the payment of such fee as may be prescribed under section 23

(a) the register shall be made available for inspection by any person, in whole or in part, at such times and in such manner, as may be prescribed by the Council, and

(b) where a request is made by any person to the Director for a certified or uncertified copy of, or extract from, an entry in the register, the Director shall provide a copy of the entry or extract to such person.

(7) The First Schedule to the Freedom of Information Act, 1997 , is amended by the inclusion in paragraph 1(2) of the following—

“the Teaching Council,”.