Family Support Agency Act, 2001

Criteria, etc. and directives regarding assistance to voluntary bodies.

7.—(1) The Agency, subject to the approval of the Minister—

(a) shall establish such criteria, terms and conditions for the provision of financial assistance under section 4 (1)(h) as, having regard to its functions, it considers appropriate, and

(b) may establish different criteria, terms and conditions in relation to different classes of applicants and recipients.

(2) The Agency may—

(a) request any voluntary body applying for or receiving financial assistance under section 4 (1)(h) to supply it with information in such form and at such time as it may require, and

(b) refuse or withold assistance if satisfied that any information so requested is not supplied.

(3) The Agency shall comply with any directives concerning the administration of such schemes, grants and other facilities for financial assistance under section 4 (1)(h) which may from time to time be given to it by the Minister with the concurrence of the Minister for Finance.