Extradition (European Union Conventions) Act, 2001

Evidence by affidavit.

22.—The Principal Act is hereby amended by the insertion of the following section:

“7B.—(1) In proceedings under this Act, evidence as to any matter to which such proceedings relate may be given by affidavit or by a statement in writing that purports to have been sworn—

(a) by the deponent in a place other than the State, and

(b) in the presence of a person duly authorised under the law of the place concerned to attest to the swearing of such a statement by a deponent,

howsoever such a statement is described under the law of that place.

(2) In proceedings referred to in subsection (1), the High Court may, if it considers that the interests of justice so require, direct that oral evidence of the matters described in the affidavit or statement concerned be given, and the court may, for the purpose of receiving oral evidence, adjourn the proceedings to a later date.”.