Electoral (Amendment) Act, 2001


Direct Vote Recording and Electronic Vote Counting

Interpretation (Part 3).

35.—In this Part—

“cartridge or disc” means a device that is used in a voting machine to record each vote;

“electronic” includes electrical, digital, magnetic, optical, electro-magnetic, biometric, photonic and any other form of related technology;

“electronic voting system” means a voting system in which the votes are automatically counted and the results automatically tabulated by use of electronically operated apparatus;

“voting machine” means an apparatus on which voters cast their votes, that records each vote, and that furnishes a total of the number of votes cast on the machine at a poll at the election or, as the case may be, cast at a referendum;

“voting system” means a method of casting and counting votes that is designed to function wholly or partly by use of mechanical, electro-mechanical or electronic apparatus and includes the procedures for casting and counting votes and the programmes, operating manuals, printouts and other software necessary for the system's operation;

“voting system equipment” means any kind of mechanical, electro-mechanical or electronic apparatus for use in a voting system.