Electoral (Amendment) Act, 2001

Amendment of section 99 of Principal Act.

25.—Section 99 of the Principal Act is amended by—

(a) the insertion of “(1)” before “Where”,


(b) the insertion of the following subsection after subsection (1):

“(2) (a) Where a Dáil elector is employed by a returning officer for any purpose in connection with a Dáil election and is registered to vote in a constituency, other than one in which the employment occurs, the elector shall, on application being made by him in that behalf, be entitled to have his name entered in a supplement to the postal voters list which the registration authority is empowered to prepare and publish in accordance with section 15A. An application under this section shall be made on a form directed by the Minister, and the returning officer who is employing the person shall certify on the form that the person will be employed by him on polling day in connection with the election and will be unable to vote in person in the constituency at the polling station at which the Dáil elector would otherwise be entitled to vote.

(b) Where an application under paragraph (a) is granted, the registration authority shall note the register of electors by placing a mark on the register against the number and name of the elector to denote that the elector's name is on the postal voters list.

(c) Section 15A(2)(d) shall apply to an application for entry in a supplement to the postal voters list under paragraph (a) as if reference in that provision to paragraph (a) or (b) of section 14 were references to subsection (2).

(d) Subsection (4) of section 15A shall not apply to an application under this subsection.”.