Local Government Act, 2001

Functions of library authorities.

78.—(1) A library authority may take such measures, engage in such activities or do such things in accordance with law (including the incurring of expenditure) for the provision of library services as it considers necessary or desirable.

(2) A library authority may, in particular, arrange for the provision of the following services:

(a) premises and facilities (including mobile facilities) for the borrowing of and reference to books and other printed matter, tapes and discs (being audio, video or both), slides, and such other material, including material available by means of the use of computers and information technologies, as it considers appropriate;

(b) activities and events of artistic, linguistic, educational, cultural, recreational, community or similar interest;

(c) such other information services, including services available by means of the use of computers and information technologies, as can in its opinion be supplied in conjunction with its functions as a library authority.

(3) A library authority is not, by virtue of subsection (1) or (2), to undertake any activity which in its opinion would unnecessarily duplicate activity arising from the performance of a statutory function by any other public authority or person.

(4) A library authority may make such arrangements as it considers desirable for the provision of library services to any other library authority, public authority or other body (including a school) or by any such body to that library authority.

(5) A library authority shall from time to time, or if requested by the Minister, prepare and adopt a programme for the operation and development of its library service (in this section referred to as the “library development programme”).

(6) Every library development programme prepared by a library authority under subsection (5) shall include—

(a) an outline of the existing library services,

(b) the development objectives and priorities for the library service,

(c) the measures taken or proposed to be taken to secure those development objectives,

(d) the financial or other implications of the library development programme,

(e) such other matters as are considered necessary by the library authority or as the Minister may specify in writing.

(7) The adoption of a library development programme is a reserved function.