Local Government Act, 2001

Provisions consequential on boundary alteration.

62.—(1) In this section and in Schedule 11

“authority concerned” means a local authority whose boundary is affected by a primary order;

“primary order” means an order under section 61 (1);

“relevant area” means the portion of the administrative area of one local authority, or any part of that portion, which by virtue of a primary order becomes part of the administrative area of another local authority;

“supplementary order” means an order made under subsection (2).

(2) (a) The Minister or any other Minister of the Government, with the consent of the Minister, may by order make such provision as he or she considers necessary or expedient in relation to any matter arising from, in consequence of, or otherwise related to, the boundary alteration effected by a primary order.

(b) Without prejudice to the generality of paragraph (a), a supplementary order may make provision for all or any of the matters set out in Schedule 11.

(3) A supplementary order made by a Minister of the Government, other than the Minister, may only make provision with respect to matters in relation to which functions stand conferred on that Minister of the Government.

(4) A supplementary order made by the Minister may be made as one with a primary order.

(5) If a supplementary order so provides, a supplementary order may have retrospective effect with effect from the date of coming into force of the appropriate primary order.

(6) Where a boundary alteration is effected under this Part in respect of a town whose boundary was altered by regulations under section 17 of the Local Government Act, 1994 , any alterations made under that section shall cease to have effect in respect of the town or of any county boundary concerned.

(7) Where a boundary alteration is effected by a primary order, any reference in any enactment (including any reference read in accordance with section 3 and Schedule 2) to a county, city or town, whether to such areas generally or to any particular such area, shall, subject to any provision to the contrary in a supplementary order and unless the context otherwise requires, be read as a reference to the area of such county, city or town as so altered.