Local Government Act, 2001

Number of members of local authorities, etc.

21.—(1) Subject to section 22 and without prejudice to section 40 (7), each county council and city council consists of the number of members specified in Parts 1 and 2, respectively, of Schedule 7 opposite the reference to the county council or city council concerned.

(2) (a) The number of members of a town council referred to in Part 3 of Schedule 7 is 12.

(b) Subject to section 22 (5), the number of members of any other town council is 9.

(3) Without prejudice to paragraph 11 of Schedule 10, where a provision of this Act provides that at least a specified proportion of the total number of members of a local authority is necessary in relation to the doing of any particular act, then in a case where such proportion consists of a whole number and a remainder, the whole number shall of itself be sufficient.