Local Government Act, 2001

Members' expenses, remuneration, etc.

142.—(1) The Minister may by regulations, made with the consent of the Minister for Finance, provide for the payment by a local authority of allowances for expenses incurred by its members in connection with—

(a) attendance at meetings of the local authority, a committee of that authority or a joint committee or joint body involving that authority;

(b) attendance at conferences, seminars, training or other events to which subsection (5) applies;

(c) the post of chair of a strategic policy committee;

(d) any other specified matter.

(2) Regulations under this section may also provide for—

(a) the payment of remuneration to members or to Cathaoirligh of specified classes of local authorities, or

(b) subject to subsection (4)(i), the making of superannuation arrangements in respect of members of specified classes of local authorities.

(3) Any payments referred to in subsection (1) or (2) are subject to and shall be made in accordance with regulations made under this section.

(4) Regulations under this section may provide for—

(a) an annual amount in respect of remuneration in such cases as may be specified;

(b) a composite annual allowance in respect of attendances at meeting referred to in subsection (1)(a) and at such events or other matters as may be specified;

(c) arrangements to apply as regards the authorisation under subsection (5) by the local authority of attendances to which that subsection applies;

(d) conditions, restrictions or other requirements to apply in relation to allowances, remuneration or superannuation and the making of payments (including the abatement or reduction in whole or in part of allowances or remuneration in specified circumstances or for specified persons in receipt of allowances or remuneration provided by a public authority or otherwise from public funds);

(e) the furnishing of specified information to a local authority for the purposes of this section;

(f) the payment of allowances to persons who are not members of a local authority;

(g) a public register of attendances and payments to which this section and section 143 relate;

(h) deductions from payments referred to in subsection (1) or (2) for such matters as may be specified;

(i) the approval of the Minister, given with the consent of the Minister for Finance, to such arrangements for superannuation purposes as may be specified;

(j) the giving of directions from time to time in relation to any matter the subject of such regulations;

(k) any other matters which appear to the Minister to be necessary or expedient for the purposes of this section.

(5) (a) This subsection applies to a conference, seminar, training or other meeting or event held, whether within or outside the State, for the purpose of discussing, obtaining or imparting information regarding or connected with any matter that is of concern to the local authority in relation to the performance of its functions and is relevant to its administrative area and to the local community.

(b) An elected council may authorise one or more of its members to represent the authority at a meeting or event to which this subsection applies and such authorisation may, subject to regulations under this section, be given in an individual case or as regards such attendances generally during a particular year.

(c) A local authority may provide in its budget an amount to meet expenditure for the purposes of this subsection.

(d) An elected council shall not authorise under this subsection unless, having had regard to the following matters, it is satisfied that the authorisation is justified by reference to—

(i) the benefits likely to accrue,

(ii) the general interests of its administrative area and the local community, and

(iii) the total cost involved.

(e) An authorisation under this subsection is a reserved function and such authorisations shall not exceed the amount provided for in accordance with paragraph (c).

(f) Where a member of an elected council attends a meeting or event by virtue of an authorisation under this section, he or she shall submit a summary of the proceedings to the next ordinary meeting of the local authority.

(g) Without prejudice to paragraphs (a) to (f), the Minister may issue general guidelines for the purposes of this subsection, including guidelines as to expenditure in relation to attendance at specified information or training events.

(6) A local authority shall comply with any guidelines issued under subsection (5)(g).

(7) A local authority of a class specified for the purposes of subsection (2) may, in relation to its members or a class or classes of its members and subject to regulations under this section, make provision in relation to the superannuation of its members or in relation to the superannuation of a class or classes of its members.

(8) Regulations made under section 51 of the Local Government Act, 1991 , and in force at the commencement of this provision shall continue in force and have effect as if made under this section and may be amended or revoked accordingly.