Local Government Act, 2001

Duty of members appointed to other bodies.

141.—(1) Where one or more than one member of a local authority is elected, appointed or nominated by that authority to another body, whether established by or under statute or otherwise, it is the duty of that member or members to represent the local authority and to present a report to it on the activities and operation of that body—

(a) annually, or

(b) at any other time, if so requested by resolution or by the Cathaoirleach.

(2) Every report to which subsection (1) relates shall be presented by the member or members concerned to a meeting of the local authority.

(3) Nothing in this section requires the disclosure of information to the authority which is confidential or which could not otherwise be disclosed.

(4) This section also applies to any person who holds membership of a body, by virtue of being Cathaoirleach or any other member of a local authority.