Adventure Activities Standards Authority Act, 2001


Adventure Activities Standards Authority

Adventure activities.

8.—(1) “Adventure activities” means any one or more of the following activities, that is to say:

(a) hill-walking in areas more than 300 metres above sea level;

(b) orienteering in areas more than 300 metres above sea level;

(c) caving;

(d) dinghy sailing;

(e) kayaking;

(f) canoeing;

(g) surfing with a surf board;

(h) wind-surfing;

(i) scuba-diving;

(j) snorkelling;

(k) abseiling;

(l) archery;

(m) rock climbing.

(2) The Minister may, after consultation with the Authority, by order amend the definition of adventure activities contained in subsection (1), whether by adding to or deleting from the list of adventure activities specified in subsection (1), or otherwise.

(3) References in this Act to subsection (1) or to a provision of that subsection shall be construed in accordance with any amendment under this section.