Dormant Accounts Act, 2001


Disbursement of Moneys from Fund

Disbursement of moneys for specified purposes.

41.—(1) The moneys in the investment and disbursements account shall be applied by the Agency, on the direction of the Board, for the following purposes:

(a) programmes or projects that are designed to assist the personal, educational and social development of persons who are economically, educationally or socially disadvantaged or persons with a disability (within the meaning of the Equal Status Act, 2000 ) and, in particular, programmes or projects that are designed to assist primary school students with learning difficulties;

(b) any other purposes that the Minister may from time to time determine having regard to the plan prepared under section 42 .

(2) Whenever a purpose is determined under subsection (1)(b), the Board shall publish notice of the purpose in the Iris Oifigiúil.