Dormant Accounts Act, 2001

Disclosure of information to inspector.

26.—(1) Subject to section 24 (2), any prohibition or restriction imposed by law (including any contract) in relation to the disclosure of information (including records in any form) does not apply in relation to—

(a) the disclosure of information in good faith to, or access to information by, an inspector for the purposes of his or her functions under this Part, or

(b) any information that is contained in an inspector's report under section 24 and is information that in the inspector's opinion ought, in the public interest, to be so contained and no liability of any kind shall attach to the person or institution (including their directors, officers or employees) making the disclosure.

(2) Nothing in this section or section 23 compels the disclosure by any person of any information that the person would, in the opinion of the court, be entitled to refuse to produce on the grounds of legal professional privilege or authorises the taking possession of any document containing such information that is in the person's possession.