Diseases of Animals (Amendment) Act, 2001


3.—The following section is inserted after section 29 of the Principal Act:

“29A.—(1) In this section ‘dealer’ means a person who purchases an animal or poultry and sells and supplies the animal or poultry to another person within a period of 45 days.

(2) The Minister may by order—

(a) regulate the possession, purchase, sale or supply of animals and poultry, or animals and poultry of a particular class or description, by dealers for the purpose of preventing the outbreak or spread of a disease or for the purpose of preventing injury or suffering to animals or poultry,

(b) provide for the approval and registration of dealers and dealers' premises.

(3) Subject to this section, a person who purchases an animal shall not sell or supply that animal while it is alive for a period of not less than 30 days and, during that period, shall hold the animal on land in his or her ownership or under his or her control.

(4) Subsection (3) shall have effect only during such period and in respect of the whole of or such part or parts of the State as may be specified by the Minister by order, where he or she considers it reasonably necessary to avoid the outbreak or spread of disease or diseases of a particular class or description.

(5) The Minister or an officer of the Minister may issue a permit to a person or dealer or a class of person or dealer permitting an animal to be sold or supplied within the period referred to in subsection (3).

(6) In this section ‘sell’ includes offer, expose or keep for sale, invite an offer to buy, or distribute for reward and cognate words shall be construed accordingly.”.