Company Law Enforcement Act, 2001


Director of Corporate Enforcement


Director of Corporate Enforcement.

7.—(1) There shall be a Director of Corporate Enforcement.

(2) The Minister shall, in writing, appoint a person to be the Director of Corporate Enforcement.

(3) The Minister shall not appoint a person to be the Director unless the Civil Service Commissioners, after holding a competition under section 15 of the Civil Service Commissioners Act, 1956 , have, under section 17 of that Act, selected the person for appointment and advised the Minister accordingly.

(4) The Director shall be a corporation sole and, notwithstanding any casual vacancy in the office from time to time, shall have perpetual succession and shall be capable in his or her corporate name of holding and disposing of real or personal property and of suing and being sued.

(5) The Director shall perform the functions conferred on him or her by or under this or any other Act and shall be assisted in the performance of those functions by the officers of the Director.

(6) All judges, courts or other persons or bodies acting judicially shall take judicial notice of the signature of the Director on or affixed to any document and it shall be presumed, unless the contrary is proved, that it has been duly signed or affixed.