Mental Health Act, 2001

Duties of Inspector when making inspection.

52.—When making an inspection under section 51 , the Inspector shall—

(a) see every resident (within the meaning of Part 5) whom he or she has been requested to examine by the resident himself or herself or by any other person,

(b) see every patient the propriety of whose detention he or she has reason to doubt,

(c) ascertain whether or not due regard is being had, in the carrying on of an approved centre or other premises where mental health services are being provided, to this Act and the provisions made thereunder, and

(d) ascertain whether any regulations made under section 66 , any rules made under sections 59 and 69 and the provisions of Part 4 are being complied with,

and the Inspector shall make a report in writing to the Commission in relation to any of the matters aforesaid as he or she considers appropriate.