Mental Health Act, 2001

Functions of Commission.

33.—(1) The principal functions of the Commission shall be to promote, encourage and foster the establishment and maintenance of high standards and good practices in the delivery of mental health services and to take all reasonable steps to protect the interests of persons detained in approved centres under this Act.

(2) The Commission shall undertake or arrange to have undertaken such activities as it deems appropriate to foster and promote the standards and practices referred to in subsection (1).

(3) Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the Commission shall—

(a) appoint persons to be members of tribunals and provide staff and facilities for the tribunals,

(b) establish a panel of consultant psychiatrists to carry out independent medical examinations under section 17 ,

(c) make or arrange for the making, with the consent of the Minister and the Minister for Finance, of a scheme or schemes for the granting by the Commission of legal aid to patients,

(d) furnish, whenever it so thinks fit or is so requested by the Minister, advice to the Minister in relation to any matter connected with the functions or activities of the Commission,

(e) prepare and review periodically, after consultation with such bodies as it considers appropriate, a code or codes of practice for the guidance of persons working in the mental health services.

(4) The Commission shall have all such powers as are necessary or expedient for the purposes of its functions.