Children Act, 2001

Rules governing places of detention.

153.—(1) The Minister may make rules governing the operation generally of children detention centres.

(2) Any rules under this section shall contain a statement of principles governing the operation of children detention centres and, without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), may make provision for—

(a) the treatment of children detained in such centres including their diet, clothing, maintenance, occupation, instruction and discipline,

(b) facilities and services for such children, including educational and training facilities, medical, psychological and psychiatric services and services relating to their general moral and physical welfare,

(c) the due recognition of the personal, cultural and linguistic identity of each of them,

(d) the duties and conduct of the staff, and

(e) the establishment, constitution, duties and powers of visiting panels for such centres.

(3) (a)  The Minister may appoint a person who is a member of a visiting panel to a children detention school to be a member of a visiting panel to a children detention centre.

(b)  An appointment under paragraph (a) shall be with the agreement of the Minister for Education and Science and the member so appointed.

(4) The Prisons Acts, 1826 to 1980, and any other enactments or statutory instruments relating or applying to St. Patrick's Institution or to persons serving sentences therein shall, save in so far as they may be inconsistent with any rules under this section or any provision of this Act, apply and have effect, with any necessary modifications, in relation to a children detention centre and to persons detained therein as if the centre were that Institution.