Horse and Greyhound Racing Act, 2001

General functions of HRI.

8.—(1) The general functions of HRI (in addition to its functions under the Act of 1994) shall include the following:

(a) Registry Office functions, that is to say—

(i) naming horses, horse racing passports and identification,

(ii) horserace entries and declarations,

(iii) racing calendar publication,

(iv) stakeholding of race entry funds and prize money for horseraces,

(v) registration of racehorse owners,

in accordance with the Rules of Racing,

(b) the provision and maintenance of mobile track equipment, including starting stalls, photo finish and camera patrol equipment and any other such equipment agreed from time to time between HRI and the Racing Regulatory Body and to provide the Racing Regulatory Body with the photographs, films, sound recordings and other connected materials or data generated by this equipment as required by the Racing Regulatory Body for their examination and use in the enforcement of the Rules of Racing and all such equipment shall be required to be maintained to a specification agreed with the Racing Regulatory Body,

(c) representing Irish horseracing internationally in respect of its functions,

(d) negotiating all income from media rights under section 10 ,

(e) the provision of any financial and other support it deems appropriate to—

(i) maintain and improve the health and welfare status of the thoroughbred horse, and

(ii) assist educational and other institutions and organisations in providing improved training and education facilities and courses for the thoroughbred horse industry to satisfy the training and educational needs of that industry at all levels,


(f) any other functions of the Racing Regulatory Body which may be transferred to HRI in the future by agreement of both parties and subject to the consent of the Minister.

(2) This section shall come into operation on such day as the Minister may appoint by order.