Horse and Greyhound Racing Act, 2001

Amendment of Betting Act, 1931.

18.—(1) The Betting Act, 1931 , is amended by the insertion after section 19 of the following section:

“Totalisator betting and sale of racing journals, non-alcoholic beverages and confectionery, etc. permitted in registered premises.

19A.—Notwithstanding section 19(3) of this Act, it shall be lawful for the registered proprietor of registered premises, so long as he or she continues to be a licensed bookmaker, in addition to carrying on the business of bookmaking—

(a) to accept at such premises totalisator bets for and on behalf of Horse Racing Ireland or Bord na gCon or a subsidiary (within the meaning of section 2 of the Horse and Greyhound Racing Act, 2001) of either body operating under a licence granted under the Totalisator Act, 1929 , or

(b) to sell on the premises—

(i) such newspapers, magazines or other journals which are wholly or mainly concerned with horse or greyhound racing, or

(ii) for consumption only on those premises, any non-alcoholic beverages, packaged confectionery, potato crisps, peanuts or other similar products or fruit.”.

(2) Section 19(5) of the Betting Act, 1931 , is amended by the substitution for “one hundred pounds” of “€3,000 (£2,362.69)”.

(3) Sections 33 and 34 of the Betting Act, 1931 , are repealed.