Human Rights Commission Act, 2000

Functions of Commission.

8.—The functions of the Commission shall be—

(a) to keep under review the adequacy and effectiveness of law and practice in the State relating to the protection of human rights,

(b) if requested by a Minister of the Government, to examine any legislative proposal and report its views on any implications of such proposal for human rights,

(c) to consult with such national or international bodies or agencies having a knowledge or expertise in the field of human rights as it sees fit,

(d) either of its own volition or on being requested to do so by the Government, to make such recommendations to the Government as it deems appropriate in relation to the measures which the Commission considers should be taken to strengthen, protect and uphold human rights in the State,

(e) to promote understanding and awareness of the importance of human rights in the State and, for those purposes, to undertake, sponsor or commission, or provide financial or other assistance for, research and educational activities,

(f) to conduct enquiries under and in accordance with section 9 ,

(g) to prepare and publish, in such manner as it thinks fit, reports on any research undertaken, sponsored, commissioned or assisted by it under paragraph (e) or in relation to enquiries referred to in paragraph (f),

(h) to apply to the High Court or the Supreme Court for liberty to appear before the High Court or the Supreme Court, as the case may be, as amicus curiae in proceedings before that court that involve or are concerned with the human rights of any person and to appear as such an amicus curiae on foot of such liberty being granted (which liberty each of the said courts is hereby empowered to grant in its absolute discretion),

(i) to take whatever action is necessary to establish and participate in the joint committee of representatives referred to in paragraph 10 of the section entitled “Rights, Safe-guards and Equality of Opportunity” of the Agreement Reached in the Multi-Party Talks,

(j) to provide assistance of the kind referred to in section 10 to persons under and in accordance with that section,

(k) to institute proceedings under and in accordance with section 11 .