Equal Status Act, 2000

Requirement to provide information.

34.—(1) For the purpose of enabling the Director to exercise his or her functions under this Part, the Director—

(a) may require a person who, in the opinion of the Director is in possession of, or has in his or her power or control, any information relevant to the exercise of those functions, to furnish that information to the Director, and

(b) where appropriate, may require such person to attend before the Director for that purpose,

and the person shall comply with the requirement accordingly.

(2) A requirement under subsection (1) may specify a time and place at which information is to be furnished or a person is to attend, and if no such time or place is specified in the requirement, the person to whom the requirement is addressed shall comply with it as soon as is reasonably practicable.

(3) A person required to attend before the Director under subsection (1)(b)

(a) shall answer fully and truthfully any question put to him or her by the Director (other than a question the answer to which might incriminate the person), and

(b) if so requested by the Director, shall sign a declaration of the truth of his or her answers to any such question.