Equal Status Act, 2000

Investigation by Director.

25.—(1) Where a case which has been referred to the Director under section 21

(a) does not fall to be dealt with by way of mediation under section 24 , or

(b) falls to be dealt with under this section by virtue of section 24 (6),

the Director shall investigate the case and hear all persons appearing to the Director to be interested and desiring to be heard.

(2) An investigation under this section shall be held in private.

(3) The Minister may by regulations specify—

(a) procedures to be followed by the Director in carrying out investigations (or any description of investigation) under this section, and

(b) time limits applicable to such investigations, including procedures for extending those limits in certain circumstances,

but before making any such regulations the Minister shall consult the Director and the Authority.

(4) At the conclusion of an investigation under this section the Director shall make a decision on the case, and the decision, if it is in favour of the complainant, shall provide for redress in accordance with section 27 .