Commission To Inquire Into Child Abuse Act, 2000

Power of High Court to order disclosure of information.

26.—(1) Where the High Court is satisfied that—

(a) for the purposes of the exercise of its jurisdiction in relation to the Commission or the Investigation Committee, or

(b) on application to it in that behalf in a summary manner by the Commission or the Investigation Committee, for the purposes of its functions,

it is necessary that information to which this section applies should, having regard to the public interest, the interests of justice and the rights of persons to whom the information relates, be disclosed to that Court or to either such body, it may order such disclosure.

(2) Subject to subsection (3), this section applies to information the disclosure of which is prohibited by a statute or an instrument made under a statute, or any other rule of law, or is so prohibited in certain circumstances and the case concerned is one to which the prohibition applies.

(3) This section does not apply to information the disclosure of which, or the disclosure of which in certain circumstances, is prohibited by, or in pursuance of, an act of an institution of the European Union.