Commission To Inquire Into Child Abuse Act, 2000

Report of Investigation Committee.

13.—(1) The Investigation Committee (“the Committee”) shall prepare a report in writing of the results of the inquiry referred to in section 12 (“the report”) and shall specify in it the determinations made by it pursuant to that section.

(2) The report—

(a) may, if the Committee is satisfied that abuse of children, or abuse of children during a particular period, occurred in a particular institution, contain findings to that effect and may identify the institution and the person who committed the abuse,

(b) may contain findings in relation to the management, administration, operation, supervision and regulation, direct or indirect, of an institution identified in the report pursuant to paragraph (a) and, as respects those functions, the persons in whom they were vested and may identify those persons, and

(c) shall not contain findings in relation to particular instances of alleged abuse of children.

(3) The Committee shall furnish the report to the Commission.

(4) The Committee—

(a) shall, not more than one year after the establishment day, prepare and furnish to the Commission an interim report on such matters relating to the inquiry aforesaid or otherwise relating to its functions as it may determine, and

(b) may, if and whenever it considers it appropriate to do so, prepare and furnish to the Commission other such interim reports.