Commission To Inquire Into Child Abuse Act, 2000

Meetings and procedure of Committees.

11.—(1) A Committee shall hold such and so many meetings as may be necessary for the performance of its functions.

(2) A meeting of the Confidential Committee shall be held otherwise than in public.

(3) (a) A meeting of the Investigation Committee, or a part of such a meeting, at which evidence relating to particular instances of alleged abuse of children is being given shall be held otherwise than in public.

(b) Other meetings of the Investigation Committee or other parts of such meetings may, if the Committee considers it appropriate, having had regard to the desirability of holding such meetings in public, be held otherwise than in public.

(4) Subject to the provisions of this Act, the Commission shall regulate, by standing orders or otherwise, the procedure and business of a Committee.

(5) A Committee may invite and receive oral or written submissions.

(6) (a) A Committee may, if and whenever the Chairperson so determines, act in divisions each of which shall consist of such members of that Committee as the Chairperson may determine.

(b) There shall be a chairperson of a division of a Committee who shall be such member of the division as the Chairperson may determine.

(c) A division of a Committee shall perform, in relation to such matters as the Chairperson may determine, such functions of the committee as may be so determined and shall prepare and furnish to the Committee a report in writing of the results of such performance.

(d) A division of a Committee and its chairperson shall have, for the purposes of the performance of the functions of the division, the powers of the Committee and its chairperson, respectively.