National Minimum Wage Act, 2000

Decision of rights commissioner.

26.—(1) The rights commissioner shall, as soon as practicable after hearing a dispute, come to a decision on the dispute, advise the parties, in writing, of the decision and give to the Labour Court a copy of that decision.

(2) A decision of the rights commissioner may—

(a) include an award of—

(i) arrears, being the difference between any amount paid or allowed by the employer to the employee for pay and the minimum amount the employee was entitled to be paid or allowed in accordance with this Act in respect of the period to which the dispute relates, and

(ii) reasonable expenses of the employee in connection with the dispute,

(b) require an employer to remedy, within a specified time (not being later than 6 weeks after the date the decision was communicated to the employer) or in a specific manner, any matter, including the payment of any amount, in respect of which the employer is in breach of this Act,

as the rights commissioner considers appropriate.

(3) A rights commissioner shall maintain a register of all decisions made by him or her under this section and shall make the register available for inspection by members of the public during normal office hours.