National Minimum Wage Act, 2000


Records and Statement of Average Hourly Earnings


22.(1)—An employer shall keep, at the premises or place where his or her employee works or, if the employee works at 2 or more premises or places, the premises or place from which the activities that the employee is employed to carry on are principally directed or controlled, such records as are necessary to show whether this Act is being complied with in relation to the employee and, subject to section 23 (5), those records shall be retained by the employer for at least 3 years from the date of their making.

(2) An employer who, without reasonable cause, fails to comply with subsection (1) shall be guilty of an offence and be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding £1,500.

(3) Without prejudice to subsection (2), where an employer fails to keep records under subsection (1) in respect of his or her compliance with a particular provision of this Act in relation to an employee, the onus of proving, in proceedings before a rights commissioner or the Labour Court, that the provision was complied with lies on the employer.