National Treasury Management Agency (Amendment) Act, 2000


Central Treasury Services


18.—In this Part—

“advance” means an advance of moneys by the Minister to a designated body under this Part;

“central treasury services” means—

(a) the taking of deposits, or

(b) the making of advances,

or both on such terms and conditions (including terms and conditions relating to the payment of interest) as may be agreed from time to time by the Minister and the designated body concerned;

“deposit” means a deposit of moneys by a designated body with the Minister under this Part;

“designated body” means—

(a) a local authority within the meaning of section 1 of the Local Government Act, 1998 ,

(b) a vocational education committee established by section 7 of the Vocational Education Act, 1930 ,

(c) a health board established under section 4 of the Health Act, 1970 ,

(d) the General Medical Services (Payments) Board,

(e) the Eastern Regional Health Authority,

(f) a non-commercial State body designated by the Minister under section 19 ,

and designated bodies shall be construed accordingly;

“non-commercial State body” means a body—

(a) in relation to which a function or functions (other than functions relating to its finances) stand conferred on the Government or a Minister of the Government, and

(b) which is, or will be, in the opinion of the Minister taking one year with another in receipt of moneys provided by the Oireachtas or an institution of the European Communities in respect of not less than 50 per cent. of its non-capital expenditure.