Planning and Development Act, 2000


Plans and Guidelines

Chapter I

Development Plans

Obligation to make development plan.

9.—(1) Every planning authority shall every 6 years make a development plan.

(2) Subject to subsection (3), a development plan shall relate to the whole functional area of the authority.

(3) (a) A planning authority which is a county borough corporation, a borough corporation or an urban district council may, with the agreement of one or more planning authorities which are adjoining county councils, or on the direction of the Minister shall, make a single development plan for the area and the environs of the county borough, borough or urban district, as the case may be.

(b) Where it is proposed to make a development plan under paragraph (a), the planning authorities concerned shall make whatever arrangements they see fit to prepare the plan including the carrying out of the requirements of this Chapter as a joint function of the authorities concerned (and this Chapter shall be construed accordingly) except that where decisions are reserved to the members of the planning authorities concerned the decisions must be made by the members of each authority concerned subject to any agreement which those authorities may make for the resolution of differences between any such reserved decisions.

(4) In making a development plan in accordance with this Chapter, a planning authority shall have regard to the development plans of adjoining planning authorities and shall co-ordinate the objectives in the development plan with the objectives in the plans of those authorities except where the planning authority considers it to be inappropriate or not feasible to do so.

(5) In making a development plan in accordance with this Chapter, a planning authority shall take into account any significant likely effects the implementation of the plan may have on the area of any adjoining planning authority having regard in particular to any observations or submissions made by the adjoining authority.

(6) A development plan shall in so far as is practicable be consistent with such national plans, policies or strategies as the Minister determines relate to proper planning and sustainable development.

(7) (a) The Minister may require 2 or more planning authorities to co-ordinate the development plans for their areas generally or in respect of specified matters and in a manner specified by the Minister.

(b) Any dispute between the planning authorities in question arising out of the requirement under paragraph (a) shall be determined by the Minister.