Planning and Development Act, 2000

Regulations regarding applications for permission.

33.—(1) The Minister shall by regulations provide for such matters of procedure and administration as appear to the Minister to be necessary or expedient in respect of applications for permission for the development of land.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1), regulations under this section may make provision for the following—

(a) requiring the submission of information in respect of applications for permission for the development of land;

(b) requiring any applicants to publish any specified notices with respect to their applications;

(c) enabling persons to make submissions or observations on payment of the prescribed fee and within a prescribed period;

(d) requiring planning authorities to acknowledge in writing the receipt of submissions or observations;

(e) requiring any applicants to furnish to any specified persons any specified information with respect to their applications;

(f) requiring planning authorities to—

(i) (I) notify prescribed authorities of such proposed development or classes of development as may be prescribed, or

(II) consult with them in respect thereof,


(ii) give to them such documents, particulars, plans or other information in respect thereof as may be prescribed;

(g) requiring any applicants to submit any further information with respect to their applications (including any information as to any estate or interest in or right over land) or information regarding any effect on the environment which the development may have;

(h) enabling planning authorities to invite an applicant to submit to them revised plans or other drawings modifying, or other particulars providing for the modification of, the development to which the application relates and, in case the plans, drawings or particulars are submitted to a planning authority in response to such an invitation, enabling the authority in deciding the application to grant a permission for the relevant development as modified by all or any of the plans, drawings or particulars;

(i) requiring the production of any evidence to verify any particulars of information given by any applicants;

(j) requiring planning authorities to furnish to the Minister and to any other specified persons any specified information with respect to applications and the manner in which they have been dealt with;

(k) requiring planning authorities to publish or give notice of their decisions in respect of applications for permission, including the giving of notice thereof to prescribed bodies and to persons who made submissions or observations in respect of such applications;

(l) requiring an applicant to submit specified information to the planning authority with respect to development, or any class of development, carried out by a person to whom section 35 (7) applies pursuant to a permission granted to the applicant or to any other person under this Part or under Part IV of the Act of 1963.

(3) (a) Regulations under this section may, for the purposes of securing the attainment of an objective included in a development plan pursuant to section 10 (2)(m), require any applicant for permission to provide the planning authority with such information, in respect of development (including development of a particular class) that the applicant proposes to carry out in a Gaeltacht area, as it may specify.

(b) A requirement to which paragraph (a) applies may relate to development belonging to a particular class.

(c) Before making regulations containing a requirement to which paragraph (a) applies the Minister shall consult with the Minister for Arts, Heritage, Gaeltacht and the Islands.

(4) Regulations under this section may make additional or separate provisions in regard to applications for outline permission within the meaning of section 36 .