Planning and Development Act, 2000

Planning scheme for strategic development zones.

168.—(1) Where a site is designated under section 166 , the relevant development agency or, where an agreement referred to in section 167 has been made, the relevant development agency and any person who is a party to the agreement, may, as soon as may be and in any case not later than 2 years after the making of an order under section 166 , prepare a draft planning scheme in respect of all or any part of the site and submit it to the relevant planning authority.

(2) A draft planning scheme under this section shall consist of a written statement and a plan indicating the manner in which it is intended that the site is to be developed and in particular—

(a) the type or types of development which may be permitted to establish on the site (subject to the order of the Government under section 166 ),

(b) the extent of any such proposed development,

(c) proposals in relation to the overall design of the proposed development, including the maximum heights, the external finishes of structures and the general appearance and design,

(d) proposals relating to transportation, including public transportation, the roads layout, the provision of parking spaces and traffic management,

(e) proposals relating to the provision of services on the site, including the provision of waste and sewerage facilities and water, electricity and telecommunications services, oil and gas pipelines, including storage facilities for oil or gas,

(f) proposals relating to minimising any adverse effects on the environment, including the natural and built environment, and on the amenities of the area, and

(g) where the scheme provides for residential development, proposals relating to the provision of amenities, facilities and services for the community, including schools, créches and other education and childcare services.

(3) A draft planning scheme shall also contain information on any likely significant impacts on the environment of implementing the planning scheme and to that effect it shall contain the information prescribed under section 177 , in so far as such information is relevant to the detail contained in the scheme.

(4) (a) A draft planning scheme for residential development shall be consistent with the housing strategy prepared by the planning authority in accordance with Part V.

(b) Where land in a strategic development zone is to be used for residential development, an objective to secure the implementation of the housing strategy shall be included in the draft planning scheme as if it were a specific objective under section 95 (1)(b).

(5) Where an area designated under section 166 is situated within the functional area of two or more planning authorities the functions conferred on a planning authority under this Part shall be exercised—

(a) jointly by the planning authorities concerned, or

(b) by one of the authorities, provided that the consent of the other authority or authorities, as appropriate, is obtained prior to the making of the scheme under section 169 ,

and the words “planning authority” shall be construed accordingly.