Planning and Development Act, 2000

Fees payable to Board.

144.—(1) Subject to the approval of the Minister, the Board may determine fees in relation to appeals, referrals, the making of an application under section 37 (5), the making of submissions or observations to the Board under section 130 , and requests for oral hearings under section 134 , and may provide for the payment of different fees in relation to different classes or descriptions of appeals and referrals, for exemption from the payment of fees in specified circumstances and for the waiver, remission or refund in whole or in part of fees in specified circumstances.

(2) The Board shall review the fees determined under subsection (1) from time to time, but at least every three years, having regard to any change in the consumer price index since the determination of the fees for the time being in force, and may amend the fees to reflect the results of that review, without the necessity of the Minister's approval under subsection (1).

(3) For the purposes of this section, “change in the consumer price index” means the difference between the All Items Consumer Price Index Number last published by the Central Statistics Office before the date of the determination under this section and the said number last published before the date of the review under subsection (2), expressed as a percentage of the last-mentioned number.

(4) Where the Board determines or amends fees in accordance with this section, it shall give notice of the fees in at least one newspaper circulating in the State, not less than 8 weeks before the fees come into effect.

(5) Fees determined in accordance with regulations under section 10(1)(b) of the Act of 1982 shall continue to be payable to the Board in accordance with those regulations until such time as the Board determines fees in accordance with this section.

(6) The Board shall specify fees for the making of copies under section 5 (6)(a), not exceeding the cost of making the copies.