Planning and Development Act, 2000

Public rights of way in development plans.

14.—(1) Where a planning authority proposes to include, for the first time, a provision in a development plan relating to the preservation of a specific public right of way, it shall serve notice (which shall include particulars of the provision and a map indicating the right of way) of its intention to do so on any owner and occupier of the land over which the right of way exists.

(2) A notice served under subsection (1) shall state that—

(a) the planning authority proposes to include a provision in the development plan relating to the preservation of the public right of way,

(b) written submissions or observations regarding the proposal may be made to the planning authority within a stated period of not less than 6 weeks and that the submissions or observations will be taken into consideration by the planning authority, and

(c) where, following consideration of any submissions or observations received under paragraph (b), the planning authority considers that the provision should be adopted, or adopted subject to modifications, a right of appeal to the Circuit Court exists in relation to such provision.

(3) The members of a planning authority, having considered the proposal and any submissions or observations made in respect of it, may, by resolution as they consider appropriate, recommend the inclusion of the provision in the development plan, with or without modifications, or may recommend against its inclusion and any person on whom notice has been served under subsection (1) shall be notified of the recommendation accordingly and a copy of such notice shall be published in at least one newspaper circulating in the area.

(4) Any person who has been notified of the recommendation of the planning authority under subsection (3) may, before the expiration of the 21 days next following the notification, appeal to the Circuit Court against the inclusion in the development plan of the proposed provision, and the Court, if satisfied that no public right of way exists, shall so declare and the provision shall accordingly not be included.

(5) (a) The taking of an appeal under subsection (4) shall not prejudice the making of a development plan under section 12 except in regard to the inclusion of the proposed provision which is before the Court.

(b) Where a development plan has been made under section 12 and the Court, having considered an appeal under subsection (4), decides that the public right of way exists, the proposed provision under this section shall be deemed to be part of the development plan.

(6) Where any existing development plan contains any provision relating to the preservation of a public right of way, the provision may be included in any subsequent development plan without the necessity to comply with this section.

(7) (a) Nothing in this section shall affect the existence or validity of any public right of way which is not included in the development plan.

(b) The inclusion of a public right of way in a development plan shall be evidence of the existence of such a right unless the contrary is shown.