Planning and Development Act, 2000

Chairperson to ensure efficient discharge of business of Board, etc.

110.—(1) It shall be the function of the chairperson, or, where he or she is not available or where the office of chairperson is vacant, of the deputy chairperson—

(a) to ensure the efficient discharge of the business of the Board, and

(b) to arrange the distribution of the business of the Board among its members.

(2) Where the chairperson is of the opinion that the conduct of an ordinary member has been such as to bring the Board into disrepute or has been prejudicial to the effective performance by the Board of all or any one or more of its functions, he or she may in his or her absolute discretion—

(a) require the member of the Board to attend for interview and there interview the member privately and inform him or her of such opinion, or

(b) where he or she considers it appropriate to do so, otherwise investigate the matter,

and, if he or she considers it appropriate to do so, report to the Minister the result of the interview or investigation.