Planning and Development Act, 2000


Development in Respect of which a Refusal of Permission will not Attract Compensation

Section 191 .

1. Any development that consists of or includes the making of any material change in the use of any structures or other land.

2. The demolition of a habitable house.

3. Any development which would materially affect a protected structure or proposed protected structure.

4. The erection of any advertisement structure.

5. The use of land for the exhibition of any advertisement.

6. Development in an area to which a special amenity area order relates.

7. Any development on land with respect to which there is available (notwithstanding the refusal of permission) a grant of permission under Part III for any development of a residential, commercial or industrial character, if the development consists wholly or mainly of the construction of houses, shops or office premises, hotels, garages and petrol filling stations, theatres or structures for the purpose of entertainment, or industrial buildings (including warehouses), or any combination thereof, subject to no conditions other than conditions of the kind referred to in the Fifth Schedule .

8. Any development on land with respect to which compensation has already been paid under section 190 , section 11 of the Act of 1990 or under section 55 of the Act of 1963, by reference to a previous decision under Part III of this Act or under Part IV of the Act of 1963 involving a refusal of permission.