Finance Act, 2000

Amendment of Schedule 13 (accountable persons for purposes of Chapter 1 of Part 18) to Principal Act.

20.— Schedule 13 to the Principal Act is amended by—

(a) the deletion of paragraphs 43 and 85,

(b) the substitution of the following for paragraph 92:

“92. A Referendum Commission established by order made under section 2 (1) of the Referendum Act, 1998 .”,


(c) the addition of the following after paragraph 95:

“96. The Central Fisheries Board.

97. A regional fisheries board established by virtue of an order made under section 10 of the Fisheries Act, 1980 .

98. A County Enterprise Board (being a board referred to in the Schedule to the Industrial Development Act, 1995 ).

99. Western Development Commission.

100. The Equality Authority.

101. Commissioners of Charitable Donations and Bequests for Ireland.

102. Commission for Electricity Regulation.

103. A regional authority established by an order made under section 43 (1) of the Local Government Act, 1991 .”.