Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000

Use of typefaces: printing.

84.—(1) It is not an infringement of the copyright in a work which consists of the design of a typeface—

(a) to use the typeface in the ordinary course of typing, composing text, typesetting or printing,

(b) to possess an article for the purpose of such use, or

(c) to do anything in relation to material produced by such use,

and this subsection applies notwithstanding that an article is used which is an infringing copy of the work.

(2) A person infringes the copyright in a work consisting of the design of a typeface where he or she, without the licence of the copyright owner—

(a) makes,

(b) sells, rents or lends, or offers or exposes for sale, rental or loan, exhibits in public or distributes,

(c) imports into the State, or

(d) has in his or her possession, custody or control, for the purpose of sale, rental or loan, or offering or exposing for sale, rental or loan, or for exhibition in public or distribution,

an article specifically designed or adapted for producing material in the particular typeface, knowing or having reason to believe that the article has been or is to be used to make copies that infringe the copyright in the work, including copies which would not be infringing copies under subsection (1).