Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000

Copying by librarians or archivists for certain purposes.

66.—(1) The librarian or archivist of a prescribed library or prescribed archive may, where the prescribed conditions are complied with, make a copy of a work in the permanent collection of the library or archive—

(a) for the purposes of obtaining insurance cover for the works concerned;

(b) for purposes of security;

(c) for the purposes of compiling or preparing a catalogue;

(d) for exhibition in the library or archive; or

(e) for the purposes of informing the public of an exhibition,

without infringing any copyright in the work, in any illustrations accompanying the work, or in the typographical arrangement.

(2) This section shall apply to copying conducted for the curatorial purposes specified in subsection (1), and to an extent reasonably justified by the non-commercial purpose to be achieved.