Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000

Reproduction right.

39.—(1) References in this Part to copying shall be construed as including references to all or any of the following, namely:

(a) in relation to any work—

(i) storing the work in any medium,

(ii) the making of copies which are transient or incidental to some other use of the work;

(b) in relation to an artistic work, the making of a copy in three dimensions of a two dimensional work and the making of a copy in two dimensions of a three dimensional work;

(c) in relation to a film, television broadcast or cable programme, making a photograph of the whole or a substantial part of any image forming part of the film, broadcast or programme;

(d) in relation to a typographical arrangement of a published edition, making a reprographic copy of the arrangement.

(2) There shall be a right of the owner of copyright to copy a work or to authorise others to do so which shall be known and in this Part referred to as the “reproduction right”.