Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000

Reproduction right of performer.

204.—(1) A performer has the exclusive right to authorise or prohibit the making of a copy of a recording of the whole or any substantial part of a qualifying performance and it is immaterial whether the copy is made directly or indirectly.

(2) There shall be a right of a performer conferred by this section which shall be known and in this Part referred to as the “reproduction right”.

(3) The reproduction right is infringed by a person who, without the consent of the performer, undertakes or authorises another to undertake the act referred to in subsection (1).

(4) The reproduction right is not infringed by the making of a copy referred to in subsection (3) by a person for his or her private and domestic use.

(5) Where a copy, which would otherwise be an illicit recording is made under this section but is subsequently sold, rented or lent, or offered or exposed for sale, rental or loan, or otherwise made available to the public, it shall be treated as an illicit recording for those purposes and for all subsequent purposes.

(6) For the purposes of Parts III and IV, references to the making of a copy of a recording or to copying shall include the making of a temporary or permanent copy of a recording and the storing of a recording in any medium.