Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000

Appeals against orders.

170.—(1) The owner of the copyright in a work which is the subject of an order made under section 168 may appeal to the High Court which may confirm or discharge the order, or vary it so as to exclude works from it, as it thinks fit, having regard to the matters referred to in section 168 (2).

(2) Where the Minister has made an order under section 169

(a) the person who applied for the order, or

(b) any person or organisation representative of educational establishments, or any other persons or organisations as the Minister thinks fit, who were given notice of the application for the order and who made representations under subsection (4) of that section,

may appeal to the High Court, which may confirm, vary or discharge the order.

(3) An appeal under this section shall be brought within 6 weeks of the making of the order, or such further period as the High Court may allow.

(4) An order made under section 168 or 169 shall not come into force until the expiration of 6 weeks from the making of the order or, where an appeal is brought before the expiration of that period, until the appeal proceedings are disposed of or withdrawn.

(5) Where an appeal is brought on or before the expiration of the period specified in subsection (4), any decision of the High Court on the appeal shall not affect the validity of anything done in reliance on the order before that decision takes effect.