Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000

Chapter 16

Copyright Licensing

Licensing schemes and licensing bodies.

149.—(1) In this Part—

“licences” means licences to undertake or authorise the undertaking of any of the acts restricted by copyright;

“licensing body” means a society or other organisation which has as its main object, or one of its main objects, the negotiating or granting, either as owner or prospective owner of copyright, or as exclusive licensee, or as agent for him or her, of copyright licences, and whose objects include the granting of licences relating to works of more than one copyright owner;

“licensing scheme” means a scheme specifying—

(a) the classes of case in which the operator of the scheme, or the person on whose behalf that operator acts, is willing to grant copyright licences, and

(b) the terms on which licences would be granted in those classes of case,

and for this purpose a “scheme” includes anything in the nature of a scheme, whether described as a scheme or as a tariff or by any other name.

(2) References in this Part to licences or licensing schemes relating to works of more than one copyright owner shall not include licences or schemes relating to—

(a) a single collective work, or collective works of which the authors are the same, or

(b) works made by, or by employees of or commissioned by, a single individual, firm, company or group of companies, including holding companies and their subsidiaries.

References and Applications Relating to Licensing Schemes