Copyright and Related Rights Act, 2000

Qualification of integrity right in certain cases.

111.—(1) The integrity right shall be qualified in the manner specified in subsection (2) in respect of—

(a) works in which copyright originally vested in the author's employer under section 23 ,

(b) works in which Government or Oireachtas copyright subsists, and

(c) works in which copyright originally vested in a prescribed international organisation.

(2) The integrity right shall not apply to anything done in relation to works referred to in subsection (1) by or with the licence of the copyright owner unless the author—

(a) is identified at the time of the act concerned, or

(b) has previously been identified in or on copies of the work which have been lawfully made available to the public,

and where, in such a case, the integrity right applies, that right shall not be infringed where there is a sufficient disclaimer.